Saint Johns County residents need more storage centres


August 9th, 2022

Northeast Florida has seen tremendous growth in housing and infrastructure in the past two years.
People are choosing cities like Jacksonville, Palm Coast and Daytona which offer low cost of living,
less traffic and low house prices considering highly dense cities like Miami, Orlando and Tampa.
Mainly, Jacksonville offers all the benefits of a big city and great weather all-round the year. Thanks
to the low-interest rates for a period of 2 years and remote working opportunities.

Saint Johns County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, recording 40% growth in total
population in the last 10 years. Saint Johns County offers the best-rated public schools in Florida and
the County is planning on building new schools to accommodate the influx of residents. This is an
attractive option for any parents with school-going kids and at the same time prefer great weather all
year round for any outdoor fun. Access to beaches is the icing on the cake.

The influx of residents has driven the sales for local businesses and local restaurants. Some residents
do come with their boats or recreational vehicles. Saint Johns and Duval county have many RV parks
for recreational activities. Water inlets, beautiful beaches and the Saint Johns river are huge attractions
for boat owners and enthusiasts.

This offers a challenge for the owners to store their Boats or RVs as most HOA-managed
communities do not allow owners to store them by their houses overnight. Storage centres such as MS
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